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PP linija za izvlačenje saća

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Glavna aplikacija:

Used for car trunk cover board, trunk clapboard, trunk carpet substrate, side wall decortation board, ceiling etc. interior place.

Used for manufacturing different kinds of high strength packing box.

comb structure can divide into single layer, double layer board.

PP honeycomb board through extrusion method made three layers sandwich board of one time forming, two sides is thin surface, middle is honeycomb structure; According to honey-

PP honeycomb board also can one time forming, coat fabric at two sides, leather, with light weight and high strength, non-toxic, environment, shake absorption and cold-resistant, soundproof& heat preservation, moistureproof& heat insulation etc. advantage.

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Glavni tehnički parametar

modelOdgovarajući materijalŠirina proizvoda (mm)Debljina proizvoda (mm)Kapacitet (kg / h)
JWS 75/75/75PP1200-16002-12350-450
JWS 100/100/100PP1200-20002-20