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HIPS linija za proizvodnju listova elektronskih traka

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The electronic carrier tape sheet is mainly made of HIPS through the extrusion production line, and then cut into strips for thermal forming to make the electronic tape carrier. Compared with the particle machine forming method, due to the use of metering pump and three roller extrusion, the thickness uniformity of the sheet is easily to be controlled, making the thickness uniformity of the tape carrier better.

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Glavni tehnički parametri

modelPrimenljivi materijaliMould widthDebljina proizvodaDesign output
JWS100+JWS65HIPS600-1000mm0.2-1mm250-350Kg / h
JWS120+JWS65HIPS600-1000mm0.2-1mm350-450Kg / h
JWS130+JWS75HIPS600-1000mm0.2-1mm350-450Kg / h