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DYSSZ Series Heavy single shaft Shredder

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DYSSZ series heavy single shaft shredder can shred waste plastic which is hard to shredding and It has high capacity. It can be used to shred all kinds of plastic solid block, waste wood, waste paper and cardboard, electronic products, rubber products. The representative recycling products include refrigerator shell, lump, pallets, packing material waste, hollow barrel, petrol tank and pipe and film, etc. It can be designed as upper opening or side opening according to different feeding methods.


modelRotor Dia.Pogon snageLopatica rotoraFiksna oštricaVeličina komore za drobljenje Maks.
DYSSZ-1600Φ7502 × 5511781500 × 1400
DYSSZ-2000Φ7502 × 75147101500 × 1800
DYSSZ-2500Φ7502 × 90177121500 × 2200
DYSSZ-3000Φ7502 × 132218141800 × 2800